Writing Coaching

The role of an editor is not to point out everything that is wrong with a piece of writing, but to see what the writer intended to do and help them achieve that.

This is my editing philosophy.

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Why book me to edit your non-fiction or novel?

Every writer needs editor.

This is a truism most writers have heard at some point during their writing journey. And most writers recognise the need for an editor to polish their manuscripts. But there is a difference between simply getting your book proofread and working with an editor who truly understand what you are trying to do and who wants to get the very best out of you.


As convenient as software such as Grammarly can be, there is no substitute for proper guidance and mentorship under the eye of someone who is not only an expert in the field of prose-craft but who is also a writer themselves. Software can't see you and your writing for who you are.

A real editor is not simply someone who irons out typos and grammatical mistakes, as pesky as those can be. A true editor is a writing coach, a mentor, someone who will develop your prose-craft and lead you to the realisation of your full potential.

It's time to take your writing to the next level.

As the author of more than 30 books, including Amazon best-sellers and critically acclaimed epics, Joseph Sale is not only an editor but also an experienced writer who understands the challenges writers face.

Books edited by Joseph Sale have also gone on to become:

  • Published by a major independent publishing houses, including Crystal Lake, DarkLit Press, and Blood Bound Books.
  • Bram Stoker Award Finalists.
  • Finalists in the National Indie Excellence Award.
  • Nominated for the Pulitzer. 
  • Reach best-seller status with over one-thousand reviews on Amazon.

His clients include:

John Durgin, Richard Thomas, Dan Soule, Christa Wojciechowski, Ross Jeffery, Tice Cin, Rob Ulitski, & many more.

What I offer: 

Premium Master Level Edit

£160 / $200 per 15,000 words

This in-depth, master-level edit is more than simply a proofread. Whilst this line-by-line edit will reveal grammatical errors and typos, it will also strengthen the prose and narrative structure by removing redundancies, improving similes, and tightening dialogue, flow, syntax, diction and word-choice. This level of editing has produced National Indie Excellence and Bram Stoker Award finalists, Pulitzer Nominees, and best-sellers with over one-thousand reviews on Amazon. Take your manuscript to the next level.

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Cover Design

Set rate of £300 / $400 per book

Includes 3 revisions. Additional charge of +£40 for each revision beyond the third. 

The reality is that we all judge a book by its cover! Having a cover that is not only eye-catching but conforms to the genre-expectations of your readership is absolutely critical. Joseph Sale has designed covers for everything from best-selling business books to epic cult-hit fantasy novels. You can see samples of his work below.

Charge includes both eBook and wraparound print versions of the cover.

Formatting (to publisher standard)

Set rate of £200 / $300 per book

+£15 per graph/diagram included

Do you have a finished manuscript waiting to be sent out into the world? You've had a developmental edit, been proofread, and sent it to beta-readers for feedback. You are now ready to push the magic button and release your book! But first, you need to format it to the correct publishing standards. Don't let all your hard work go to waste by having an unreadable interior that puts off your potential readers.

Let me take your manuscript and create a beautiful interior document  using publisher-standard software. (final files available in PDF, .mobi, .epub, virtually any format that's required).