Darkness Beneath

Horror Fiction

Darkness Beneath is an intensive narrative experience modelled on the classic ‘choose your own adventure’ game, using the advanced mechanics of Twine to determine the outcomes of choices made during the game. There are 4 main endings which can be achieved (and many more subtle variations of each one).

Joseph originally planned to write the narrative behind Darkness Beneath as a short story, but he soon realised that the meaning of the story called for a different medium.

‘It’s centrally about the moment I discovered the beautiful irony that all the things human beings turn to alleviate the pains of existence (drink, sex, drugs, unusual experiences) inevitably make the pain grow. The game is designed to teach you that (as well as – hopefully – bring a good laugh). There were so many parts to the story I wanted to include I thought it would be more interesting to create something that allowed people to decide what they wanted to explore and what overlook rather than bombard them with an over-long linear tale.’

You can play Darkness Beneath for free here.

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