Short Stories


Here is a (fairly) complete list of all the short stories I have published since 2013. Many of them are available to read for free online, so please enjoy! I have always found short stories uniquely challenging, but rewarding when they come together.

I have a published collection of short stories, Seven Dark Stars, which is available in paperback & eBook, as well as a special hardback edition. In addition, if you are hungry for more short stories, you can read 13Dark, which currently has two issues available featuring stories from a diverse range of authors, new and established.

Lastly, if you enjoyed any of the stories you read here, please consider buying me a coffee at my KoFi page.

The Final Tape (Idle Ink) - you can also listen to an audiobook version of this story on The Mindflayer's SoundCloud.

The Trinity of Unholy Flame

The Heaviness of All Things (Idle Ink)

City of the Nightwatchers (Tales from the Shadow Booth Vol.1, edited by Dan Coxon)

When the Tide Comes In (Exit Earth anthology, published by Storgy Magazine)

Night Drive (Storgy Magazine)

An Eye for a Butterfly (Storgy Magazine)

Soul Machina (Storgy Magazine)

Descent (Technological Horror Anthology, published by Dark Hall Press)

Phylactery (Fiction Vortex)

Do Not Wake (Edgar Allan Poet Journal 2#)

Deadmeat Dogsbody in Nonbinary Review (Frankenstein Issue)

Deep in the Woods in Silver Blade (June 2013 Issue)