If you have some questions, hopefully, you can find the answers here. If not, then feel free to get in touch with any queries you have.

How does the writing coach work?

Sign up via the contact form on this website, or, email joseph@themindflayer.com. Mention what specific package you’re looking for, how long your manuscript is (in word count please), the genre, title, and any other relevant information. I’ll get back to you and let you know we’re good to go ahead. At this point, you can send me the manuscript. I’ll give you a timeline on how quickly I can get an edited version back to you (edits will be made with the track-changes Word function). We can also book in Skype sessions if this is part of the package. The Skype sessions will last 1 hour and in it we will discuss your work more broadly (it won’t just be a repeat of what I’ve written on your manuscript), explaining any problems in more detail, offering suggestions on ways forward, what you might need to do to reach that next level, and, a ton of ‘suggested reading & viewing’.

How much do you charge for coaching?

You can find a more detailed breakdown on the Writing Coaching page.

How do you accept payment?

I prefer PayPal. I will send you the details once we’ve confirmed what your requirements are. Alternatively, if you cannot pay via PayPal, I will accept BACs (online bank transfer).

When do you require payment?

I require the full amount before starting work on a project. I'm afraid that for someone in my position, I cannot complete work without payment beforehand.

What kind of events do you do?

Book readings. Poetry performances. Seminars on literature. Writing workshops. If you have something in mind, just ask, because if it's writing or art related, I probably do it. If you want an example of the kind of thing I can do, check out my Cathedral of the Deep series on my Portfolio page.

How can I book you for an event?

Easy, just use the contact form on our contact page, or, email joseph@themindflayer.com. Make sure to include lots of information about your project/event and, if possible, some dates and times.

Do you do commissions?

Yes. However, the cost must be negotiated as the requirement for these projects in terms of time and resources can vary greatly. Please email me at joseph@themindflayer.com to discuss further if you would like me to write a commissioned piece for you.