"Virtue's End is an astounding and daring piece poetry, offered with the utmost openness and sincerity, a rare, meticulously crafted gem in an age of rapid mass consumption." 

- Christa Wojciechowski, author of Sick 

You can listen to a reading of the opening of Virtue's End here.

"Dark Hilarity is Sale’s magnum opus - a story of such compelling depth and love and achingly beautiful imagery that one can’t help but see this book as the birth of a new legendary storyteller!"

- Ross Jeffery, Bram Stoker Award Nominated author of Juniper and Tome

"The gradual metamorphosis of Craig Smiley across the Black Gate trilogy—physical, psychological, spiritual—is unlike anything I have ever encountered in a story arc and defies standard narrative conventions... He is utterly original."

- Andrew Benson Brown, author of Legends of Liberty 

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