13 Dark Horror Book

†3Dark is a unique project that will showcase both the written and visual artwork of some of this century’s greatest hidden creatives. The aim of †3Dark is to feature work that will explore the sacred and profane, the holy and damned, the beatific and the demonic. It is inspired by the work of Craig Clevenger and television such as Lynch’s Twin Peaks and True Detective. After a rocky start, †3Dark acquired funding via an IndieGoGo campaign, and released its first issue in September 2017. ISSUE #1: DEAD VOICES features stories by Samuel Parr, Tice Cin and Ross Jeffery, with artwork by Shawn Langley.

  • You can purchase a paperback copy from the following link: ISSUE #1: DEAD VOICES
  • To purchase an eBook copy (.pdf emailed to you directly), please contribute $6 to our KoFi page, and state in the comment box that you would like a copy sent to you!


“While this project had to change from its original concept of 13 individual stories, released separately, the final product is no less stunning. And it holds fast to its original promise of story theme: Light and dark. Sacred and profane. Comprised of short dark stories by three authors, each with an intro by editor Joseph Sale, †3 Dark also gives each tale searingly gorgeous artwork packaged with an eerie cover”  – Eden Royce


Fascinated by the worlds and concept of †3Dark? You can read interviews with the authors by Christa Wojciechowski, where they explain the mythos and methods behind their work in DEAD VOICES: Ross JefferyTice Cin, & Samuel Parr.

ISSUE #2 INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN COMING 1st AUGUST 2018… with stories by Christa Wojciechowski, Anthony Self, & Andy Cashmore.